About the Fylde Book

40 years of the Fylde Folk Festival:

This book which will document and honour the very considerable achievements of Fylde Festival over these past 40 years.  Fylde is an important festival in the context of festivals throughout the country; it is also important to its local and regional community.  Fylde’s history mirrors and intertwines with the story of the folk revival throughout the UK but because of its commitment being relevant locally, it is also hugely important in the North-West of England.

I feel strongly that the history of Fylde deserves to be written and I am pleased that Alan Bell has given Living Tradition the freedom to approach the task with ‘outside eyes’.  Whilst sharing Alan’s view that the Fylde history deserves to be written, my personal feeling is stronger and I would go as far as to say that it must be written.  We owe it to posterity to document this part of our musical heritage.   We have lived through what I am sure will come to be seen as a golden age for folk and traditional music in this country.  Fylde has its own story to tell, but it is also part of a bigger story.  The Fylde book will be a book in its own right, but over time it will become part of an important series of books which will help to document the history of the folk revival in a balanced way.  We need your help to make Fylde’s part in this as good as it can be.

Our aim is to produce a comprehensive printed book honouring the achievements of Fylde Folk Festival.  An online digital version will sketch out the framework and this website is open for people to make comment, to tell us “No, this is what it was really like.” or to submit their own stories, opinions and photographs for inclusion in the final book.

I anticipate some of these individual views to be quite extensive which will mean that the book will also point to an online resource and some of the stories may well spawn other printed material.

Alan Bell has been the guiding hand of the Fylde festival over this period and his work will be covered in this book.  We also plan to produce a book concentrating on Alan’s wider contribution to folk music and material submitted for the Fylde festival book may be used in both books.

It is my aim, as principal editor of this material, to do my best to ensure that the project is endorsed and supported by those who have been associated with Fylde Folk Festival over the years as performers, volunteers, stewards, backroom staff and also the many people who have been enriched by the music and friendships which has been made possible by the work of Fylde Folk Festival.

This website is one of the ‘tools’ at my disposal and I hope that it opens up a communications channel which works.  I can be contacted in other ways. Phone me at The Living Tradition office on 01563 571220 or email me, pete.heywood@livingtradition.co.uk

Pete Heywood
August 2012